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The home watch business is by far a very affordable business to start, the least complicated to operate and is one of the most lucrative business opportunities to be found today! Not to mention you can begin part-time as you build your business, so there is NO RISK to your present standard of living

Most Professionals Make $35-$65/hr

If you compare the home watch business to other service industry businesses for NET income per hour, the home watch business will compete or exceed these other businesses.

Getting started in the home watch business is easy and very affordable. If you compare the initial investment of starting a home watch business to other service industry businesses you will find 100% of the time a home watch business is the MOST affordable start up business hands down.

Get Started For Less Than $3000

So why haven’t you heard more about this industry and opportunity before today? And why isn’t everyone who wants to start a business of their own starting a home watch business?

There are several reasons but the overwhelming majority of people have told us it is the lack of


Actually this is the very reason many people fail to begin the journey of building their business and fulfilling their dream. It is primarily why people spend $10,000 to $100,000 or even more to purchase a franchise business. They feel the security of having a proven plan to follow is worth the large investment. They are 100% correct, a proven plan to follow will reduce your chances of failure and financial loss a great deal.

The fear of failure and financial loss can sometimes be paralyzing and keep you from starting as well. This fear is real but it can certainly be reduced if not eliminated all together.

These are probably some of the reasons you were searching business opportunities and then you found this website. It’s simply, you have a dream of owning your own business and you are looking for that perfect affordable fit for you!

You can start a home watch business . . .

  • for an initial investment of $3000 or less!!
  • part-time as you grow it into a full-time business!!
  • with little to no knowledge about the business!!
  • with less than $200 in tools & equipment!!
  • with a basic understanding of how the various systems work in a home, condo or townhouse!!
  • without a lengthy training or apprenticeship!!

Best of all, the time it takes you from day ONE to your first home watch service call can be greatly reduced, by as much as 65%. This holds true for just about every step of the way as you build your successful home watch business.

We have a proven plan to help you begin your home watch business and to ensure you have every tool to become a successful business owner AND the time it will take you will be 45%, 55% or even 65% less than it has taken others!!

You will receive . . .

  • A defined plan of action which will help you form your business plan both short term and long term.
  • A step by step “How To” course on the basic home watch service call
  • A standard home watch service call “Check List”.
  • A list of essential tools to provide professional home watch services
  • A list of do’s and don’ts of service calls.
  • One on one video chat consultations (1 per month) with a professional home watch inspector that has provided over 10,000 home watch service calls! (each session hour is a $95 savings which is included)
  • Marketing plans to help today and into the future which will speed up your success track.
  • Access to “onsite video conferencing” to help troubleshoot issues. *
  • Professionally designed easy to update website and monthly hosting. (you save $350-$500 in website design fee and you also save $9.99-$14.95 per month in hosting fees).
  • A software business management tool that will help you stay organized, provide in the field reporting, has a client access portal and invoicing capabilities! (This alone is an $89 savings per month)

All of this and more for just $149.95/mo

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* Onsite video conferencing is by appointment and has an additional fee

There is a one time setup fee of $399 in addition the first month’s payment.