About The Author

My name is Bill Wright and I am a 10 year professional home watch service provider in southwest Florida. I am also the President/CEO and Founder of the Florida Home Watch Association, LLC. I have personally provided over 10,0000 home watch service calls to my client base.

I have provided start up help and training to many home watch companies over the past 8 years. I have also developed a complete home watch software product to help home watch professionals provide reports to clients from the field as well as manage the scheduling and invoicing.

Just when I begin to think “I have seen it all” someone’s property will surprise me with something NEW.

It took me just under 8 years to build my home watch company up to a client base of over 200, while others I have helped with my home watch knowledge and business plan cut that time in half!!

The significance of a 200 client base is this amount graduates your business into a full-time income for a 2 person team (you and a significant other, 2 business partners, etc). This example is based upon market value of services in our area and a primary service frequency of every other week. Your area and service frequency may provide an even faster road to success!

I help everyone that contacts me, whether it is a potential client in my area or on the west cost of the US or entrepreneur looking to start a home watch business. I will never look at their value in my pocket, I look at the value of their experience with the home watch industry that I represent.

My guiding principle in business has always been what’s best for the client or person I am trying to help will be best for the industry I represent and ultimately be good for me and my business.